10 Fun Facts About the Game of Thrones Cast

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Obscure facts about your favorite Game of Thrones characters.

1. Emilia Clarke wasn’t the original Daenerys

Game of Thrones Women: Non-Fiction vs Fantasy | The Roosevelts
The role was originally given to Tamzin Merchant, who has starred in Pride & Prejudice and the show ‘The Tudors.’ After filming the pilot episode, Merchant left the show & Clarke became the feisty dragon queen.
2. Hodor is a DJ in real life
Hodor is a DJ | Do Androids Dance
Send A Raven: Game of Thrones' Hodor is a DJ | Big Shot Magazine
Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, is a multi-talented man. The 6’10 actor is also an accomplished DJ, sings, and plays the guitar.

3. Tyrion is a vegetarian

20 Fascinating Facts About Tyrion Lannister You'll Love To Know
Peter Dinklage, who plays sharp-witted and scheming Tyrion Lannister, is a vegetarian in real life. Any time you see him eating meat on screen, it’s actually tofu.

4. Prince Joffrey is a star student

Game Of Thrones – Series 1-3 | China Bambi
Game of Thrones cast in real life: Joffrey actor Jack Gleeson on ...
Jack Gleeson, who plays Joffrey Baratheon, is currently studying theology & philosophy at the distinguished Trinity University in Dublin. Gleeson has said that after the series ends, he wants to pursue a career in academics rather than acting.

5. Khal Drogo used to be on Baywatch

Khal Drogo ~ Jason Momoa
ZUNSHIKO: Jason Momoa's Cool Style
Jason Momoa, who plays Khal Drogo (RIP), started his acting career in 1999 with a role on ‘Baywatch.’ He was also named Hawaii’s Model of the Year in 1999. I don’t hate it.

6. Shae used to be a porn star

Who do you like better? - Game of Thrones - Fanpop
Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere | Channel24
Sebil Kekilli is known on the show as Shae, Tyrion’s love interest; however, she used to be an adult film actress in Germany.

7. Robb’s wife is Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter

Oona Chaplin | Thinking about books
Oona Chaplin | No One's Listening
Oona Chaplin, who plays Robb Stark’s wife (apparently her name is Talisa? Did anyone else somehow never catch that?), is the granddaughter of the famous silent film actor Charlie Chaplin. She also dances ballet, salsa, and flamenco.

8. Theon Greyjoy is Lily Allen’s brother

Lily Allen’s brand new track “Hard Out Here” is available to download on iTunes now here: http://smarturl.it/HardOutHere?IQid=vevoyt Watch the video here: ht…
Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy on the show, is the younger brother of British pop star Lily Allen. She even wrote a song about him!

9. Bronn used to be in a boy band

I Believe Backing Track - Robson and Jerome - Andys Backing Tracks ...
Bronn, Tyrion’s witty sellsword companion, is played by Jerome Flynn, who used to be one half of British duo Robson & Jerome. The pop stars had three #1 singles in the UK in the 90’s. I wonder if they ever jam the album on set?


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What not to say to people…

We’ve all probably experience a comment from a stranger or work colleague along the lines of

a) Have you got any ID?

b) When are you due?

c) are you two brother and sister (Dr asked this to myself and D a few months ago)

d) Is that your daughter who has started working here? (Ross got asked this recently)

Lets be honest they only positive comment from the 4 above is a. Why? Well as all of the others will more than likely be wrong so why bother even embarrassing yourself or the person you are talking too! Recently I started  a second job at Ross’s current employers and he was asked if I was his daughter! Yes that is a great complement to me but for Ross? No. Then when I took D, to the Doctors and he asked if  I was D’s sister,  D and I was taken a back, yes I know I  was a young when I had him but still!

Then b) why would you ever ask this to anyone? I’ll admit its happened to me a few times recently as last Friday, which was a bummer as I was actually have a good confidence day and suffice to say I will never be wearing that top and bottoms combo again!  Nearly every time anyone has ever muttered that comment its gonna be wrong so why even ask? Your only gonna upset the person your asking.

*(Jeremy Springer moment)*  So guys the moral of this story is… Be careful what you say, your words could really upset another person and 99% of the time what your going to say as a complement is going to be wrong.

Homework, how much is too much?

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Homework, no child likes homework and it’s a chore to get them to do it!  It’s amazing how it varies from school to school within one education authority (I.e your borough)  let alone any other! For instance between D and R they go to different schools on opposite sides of London, the difference in amount of homework is amazing D gets one piece of maths and one literacy then maybe some personalised homework by another teacher like a reading  comprehension. R this weekend got 2 maths sheets and 2 literacy and the maths for most people they would not of been able to support R doing his. This week he had division and had to do a certain method no explanation of how to do the “chunking” division method so you have no idea if your child is doing it correctly! Luckily I myself have not long learnt how to do this but for most parents they don’t have a clue!

The school where I work the children get 1 sheet if maths, literacy and some handwriting both here and at Ds school they get homework on a Wednesday to be handed in for Monday morning. Is it too much homework for a 9/10 year old? How much does your child get?

What is Geography???

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“What is Geography?” asked one of my Year 5 pupils this morning, after explaining the topic book for this half term.

My jaw hit the floor, I couldn’t believe my ears hearing a 9 year old child asking that question, followed by a chorus of 8/9 children asking the same question. I’m into my second term as their teaching assistant and I’m sitting there thinking what on Earth have these children been learning and thinking on this it goes to show how there is so much emphasise on the “core” subjects (Numeracy, Literacy and Science) that these children aren’t experiencing the whole curriculum like they should be.

So after explaining what Geography is, the study of Earth, its Countries, features and people did they understand what Geography is and why its important the children then ask why they haven’t really done  like other subjects such as History, RE and Art. Its such a shame as these subjects are just as important as the “core” subjects as they give lower learners a sense of achievement when they understand and have a real interest in these other areas. But when they do do these subjects in the afternoons lower learners are taken out for interventions for Maths and Literacy. Its a real shame but I suppose we can’t do right for doing wrong and we have to follow the guidelines set out by the Government.

Happy Easter!

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So after the 40 days and nights of lent I can eat some chocolate….

So galaxy for breakfast, oreos for elevenses. Having a break with a full on lamb roast then chocolate cheesecake for dessert and then finally munchies for supper!

Tomorrow I will have a sugar crash!

Retro Toys

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So the husband and I have decided to have a retro/vintage feature wall and it got me thinking about the kind of toys I used to play with compared to our 10 year olds….  I know that we have boys so some of the toys they wouldn’t give the time of day but I remember the Saturday’s where my sisters and I would play Polly Pocket with our 100 odd different sets.

Or the hours we played Sylvanian Families arguing who would have the schoolhouse or the family home and who would have what family because of the about of babies there were! We had to banana boxes (dad used to work on a market) full of this stuff and on a rainy day it always kept us quiet.

Obviously our boys would not be impressed with either of these and because I was never a girly girl  I also had a sega mega drive, with all the old favorites like Alex the Kid and Sonic the Hedgehog, I love this and to this day I can still remember the code to access all levels on the Sonic the Hedgehog 1 (up, down, left, right, A, B, start) never did finish the game but didn’t need to with that nugget of information.


Then of course was the Furby this is something that both myself  and little man D have in common and the differences between the two versions is amazing all I used to be able to do with mine was feed it and tickle it, D’s Furby you can do all of that and more thanks to linking it up to his tablet it really is amazing if a little annoying and I don’t know how my mum put up with 3 of them!



MP Expenses…

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This is in the news again thanks to Maria Miller (who has now stepped down as she was taking away from the good work the government is doing HA!). I know everyone has got an opinion on MP’s and those who work in Government whether locally or nationally, but here is my opinion on how MP’s should deal with their expenses…

  1. No Second Homes
  2. You pay for your mortgage out of your wages, not expect the taxpayer to pay.
  3. Each MP is given a return ticket (or travel card for the week) from their constituency so they can travel down on a Monday and return on a Thursday. Heaven forbid they do more than 4 days of work!
  4. For thoses MPS who live outside of Greater London or the Home counties they can house share and pay rent to the respective home owner and these houses should be in the london suburbs not central london.
  5. Use public transport – we are lucky enough in London that after 9.30 am we can practically travel from Bexley to Barnet or Uxbridge and High Wickham for a tenner! Why should you use black cabs to travel a couple of hundred yards?

They aren’t perfect ideas but the are basic and maybe this is the approach we need to take in the future?


Baby Blankets

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When I was about 14 I decided to get my mum to teach me how to crochet. I can only do squares or occasionally by accident manage to do a odd shape but I find once they made they make great presents to friends who are pregnant for their new born baby.

Everyone who I’ve given them too so far seem to love them, and as they are hand made no two are alike.

So if you’re expecting or know someone who is why not consider a crochet baby blanket. I can make them in various sizes and colours with little added details like buttons or ribbons.

Contact me for details.